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Erik Hagleton is a Parisian-born producer/DJ/groove extraordinaire with a sound mixture of tech house, deep house, and techno. Inspired by house music of the 90s combined with percussions and a touch of minimal, Erik’s style has become deeper and grittier over the last decade.

As an accomplished producer, Erik dedicates his life to creating unique rhythms and striking groove in every track he touches. Since 2012, he has been signed onto Bob Sinclar’s Yellow Productions label, where he produces under the Africanism project. His latest release called “Wolliner” was recently selected the Essential New Tune by Pete Tong on Radio BBC 1 (Nov 2015). He is also a regular on Toolroom Records, having released numerous tracks such as “Pressure”, “Reaching Out”, and “Beverly Thrills”. Erik takes his art to the next level by making timeless tracks, while his modus operandi is to remain humble and authentic while focusing on quality instead of quantity.

Erik’s DJ sets have acquired worldwide appeal, allowing him to share his remarkable energy with dance floors everywhere. Currently he holds residencies at Drai’s Afterhours (Las Vegas), Café Mambo (Ibiza), and the Paris by Night party by Bob Sinclar (worldwide).

Now based in Paris France, Erik is ready and eager to take on new adventures.

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C/ de Vara de Rey 3 07820 Sant Antoni, Ibiza

+34 971 34 66 38