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Viagra without prescription in San Francisco California




Andy Baxter is a DJ with the innate ability to read any dance floor. There is no finer example than previously being all year around resident at iconic Ibiza club Pacha followed on by now his fifth season with We Love ... Sundays at Space, season number six with  iconic Ibiza sunset sinstitution Cafe Mambo and twice weekly residency at high-end beach club El Chiringuito.

However Andy's residencies do not stop there, he also plays for Carl Cox on Tuesdays, Mondays with Duke Dumont at Sankeys, Creche at Gatecrasher as well as resident at Jockey Club and Pete Tongs' All Gone To Beach BBQ parties. By delivering the right groove from sunrise to sunset and from beach to nightclub have earned Andy the award for the best Ibiza DJ and the prestigious Ibiza DJ Awards in 2012.

In 2013, Andy Baxter got asked by the legend himself Pete Tong to do an Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1, to which Andy said "Being an Ibiza resident and playing so many different styles and venue is an amazing experience. This Essential mix however has allowed me to lay down the exact style of grooves that I love to rock in a club environment but very rarely get the opportunity to do".

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C/ de Vara de Rey 3 07820 Sant Antoni, Ibiza

+34 971 34 66 38