Bob Sinclar & Erik Hagleton Pure Pacha - Paris by night Saturday 23rd May

DATE. 2015-05-22

This saturday we really can´t wait to welcome back Bob Sinclar & Erik Hagleton for the opening of Pure Pacha - Paris by night

You can get your tickets here or at mambo itself.


Tensnake Friday 22nd May

DATE. 2015-05-22

Tonight sees the first #INSANE pre-party of the season at mambo for tickets you can get them here or head over to Pachatensnake

DJ Sounds - The 20 years of Mambo

DATE. 2015-05-13

There is no doubt that Cafe Mambo has a rich history, documenting it and putting it all into one story has always been the difficult part but our friends at DJ Sounds have done a great job of interviewing the Mambo Brothers and showing a story that many just don't know about this place.

The first video talks about how it all started


The second video in the series talks about THE BIRTH OF PRE-PARTIES how and why the pre-party concept came about in the first place.

The third in the series discusses the EDM Explosion things in Ibiza have always been crazy, it's been the party island for 4000 years but things certainly changed a little since EDM hit the island. How and what effects it had are talked about in this one

The next installment talks of 20 Years of Cafe Mambo - Magic Moments with Fatboy Slim & Carl Cox the Mambo Brothers talk about what their favorite moments were

The musical backbone of Cafe Mambo itself this video talks about our residents over the years, you will be surprised at just how involved some DJ's got involved into Mambo over the years!

Cafe Mambo Opening

DATE. 2015-05-01

Once again we open our doors!

This time for the 21st year we are so thankful for everyone who has ever enjoyed a sunset and smiled here with us!

We hope to see you again for our opening or some time in the near future! 

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Cafe Mambo Speak to Jason Bye

DATE. 2015-03-19



How did you become a DJ?
I was working in a bar called Buccanero's back in 1993 in san antonio bay, glass collecting and helping out behind the bar.
The manager there at the time was Manolo, he was the Dj and head barman as well.
The decks were behind the bar so he would serve drinks and play music at the same time, he was very fast for some reason, haha.
I used to sneak into the bar when it was closed and practice with his records.
Went back to the uk the follow winter and got my own pair of technics, I started with soundlab decks but they wasn't gonna cut like the 1210's.
Did a few gigs in London then up and down the west end in Ibiza at Koppas with Aitor and Simples with Jon Ulyesses, night-life and so on.
Then in September 1994 I started playing at mambo, I already had a quite a lot of vinyl as ive always been addicted to buying music as long as I can remember so I new what to play as soon as I walked in.

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As the longest standing resident DJ and being there from the start you have played with many legends, if you could put six at the top of your list who would they be?

Pete Tong, Frankie Knuckles, Brandon & Alex & Oakie, Norris Da Boss Windross the list could go on & on

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What do you think was the golden era for electronic music for you?

My favourite is a split between 3 eras, 1989 acid house, 92 to 95 U.S Garage, 99 to 2001 San Diego / San Francisco tribal house sound I.e Siesta Music.

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Besides house music what music do you play at home?

Lots of 80's music, the stones, the Beatles, the who, Motown, Atlantic soul, simple minds.

What do you think of EDM?
As I always say, if House music is like Football than EDM is just Soccer, you get me?

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If you could choose one single night as your favorite from mambo which would it be?
The first time I ever played there, I new what was gonna happen. It was like being in a dream, still is, thats what Heineken does for ya, haha.

With all the changes Ibiza has seen since you have been here what are the ups and what are the downs?
I dont mind the way the island has changed except for the corporate side of it, people used to escape to Ibiza and now they mostly just want to impress people with how much money they can spend.
Acts are being booked for certain venues and they have no relevance to the island at all, so called superstar dj's are ripping the heart out of Ibiza with the extortionate fees and requests, you need to serve your time on this Island if your gonna get any credit from me.

If you could change anything on this island in the last 20 years what would it be?
Bring back daytime clubbing and make it free for everybody with no VIPS

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What exactly is a terry?
A terry is a Tune, if you like the tune then you should holler 'TERRY', there is another explanation but im not telling.

Do you have any Terrys in production at the minute
I got 5 tracks and 2 remixes in the pipeline right now for spring release.
Loads more in the summer.

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Cafe Mambo Podcast 017

DATE. 2015-02-25

The latest podcast featuring the mambo brothers is out and available to download for free on iTunes now !

This is the tracklist for the podcast.


Savannah Back Room

DATE. 2015-02-23

Savannah Ibiza part of the Mambo Group has the only night club experience on the sunset strip!

The "Back Room," is a special place that up until now only opens for special events, a unique room that has an intimate 150 capacity with space for another 150 on the terrace and Savannah bar.

We are seeking promoters and events that have the concepts that can deliver the expectations of the parties of the past in the back room.

If you are a promoter with proven experience and want the opportunity to throw a party in a truly unique venue in Ibiza, please send an email to with Back Room in the subject outlining your experience and plan!



DATE. 2015-01-30

What have you been doing now the summer is over?

I’ve been in the studio finishing off a bunch of tracks which I started throughout last summer. It’s very difficult to finish anything during the season with so much djing and parties going on but it’s also an inspiring time to get ideas down and later finish in the winter.

I just spent a month touring Brazil and California in December which was great. Brazil is an amazing country with a healthy scene and really positive people. I went to Warung and was blown away by the venue, definitely one of the best in the world. The highlight for me was probably playing at Sound Nightclub in Hollywood in LA… such a legendary spot!

I’m in Asia as we speak with gigs in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bali and Seoul so a busy few weeks ahead. I spent about 5 years in HK from 2008 bringing over DJs from Europe and putting on events so it’s been great to see how the underground sound is taking off now.

Can you tell us a bit about your history at mambo? (when you first played, what you done in between time)

The first time I stepped foot in Mambo was back in 1998 when I was on a “lads holiday”. Pete Gooding was main resident at the time and we went there every night I think. I’ll always remember the stand out tune of that holiday ’Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You’ which he played 5 times each night. Great memories!

The first time I played Mambo was the following year in 99’ when Pete asked me to play for a few hours but it wasn’t until 2003 that I became one of the residents. I spent the next 3 summers pretty much living in Mambo and immersing myself in all forms and genres of music, discovering music which I’d never have been exposed to elsewhere so it was a valuable learning experience.

I decided to leave Ibiza end of the 2005 summer season to concentrate on my productions at that time. I was signed to the label Renaissance and toured quite a bit around Europe for them so I couldn’t play 7 nights a week at Mambo. In 2008 I relocated to Hong Kong where I dj’ed and booked artists such as Joris Voorn, Nina Kraviz, Nic Fanciulli, Aeroplane and Greg Wilson (to name a few) to the city and help push the scene there. After 5 years in the Far East I returned to Ibiza in 2013 when Mambo welcomed me back. I’ve done quite a bit of travelling in the last 10 years but I’ve realised what a special and unique place Mambo is and it’s been great to make a return!

You have played alongside some legendary DJ´s at mambo, who were your favourites?

Too many to mention! Frankie Knuckles was a pleasure to DJ alongside in 2004 when Def Mix played every Saturday, a true legend and pioneer! I also have found memories of when Deep Dish played the same season… Just proper house music and no smart phones. The crowd were really locked into the music and weren’t distracted by Facebook, Twitter etc but you just go with the times I guess.

What are you currently working on? (any releases you have that you want to promote)

I’ve a few coming out on Saved records and Kraftek which I’m excited about. There’s been strong feedback so far so looking forward to seeing those released before the summer. Selador have released Dimitri Nakov remixes of my track ‘Fade Into Noir’ with AYA on vocals.

What are your Ibiza predictions for the summer? (What DJ´s do you think will make it big this year in ibiza, changes at clubs etc)

Quality over quantity I hope. I think parties like Paradise at DC10 and Enter at Space, who have established themselves over the past few years, will go from strength to strength. I’d like to see more cool, small scale underground parties in random venues and beaches as to me that’s more interesting than a banging 2 hour club set in a dark room somewhere. It can be difficult with the law against outdoor parties but not impossible. Like every new season there will always be some surprises and changes but Ibiza has always had a place for the old and new.

What is your favourite cocktail?



Interview with Danny O

DATE. 2015-01-20



Tell us about the first time you played at Cafe Mambo and what it meant?


The first time I played at Cafe Mambo was 6 years ago. It was in the afternoon which is a very laid back time to play. I still felt a huge weight of responsibility though considering the rich history that surrounds the venue. The music has to be right. It was a huge milestone in terms of my progression as a DJ to be offered the opportunity.

You have played alongside many legendary DJs at mambo, who would be your favorite and why?

The Fatboy Slim nights were great just because of the atmosphere, and that's what it's about on the strip. And he's a super nice guy.

If you weren´t a DJ, what would you do?

I couldn't say, but I would do it whole-heartedly. I have a degree in Logistics but when I got a taste for DJing and beat making I decided to give it everything and take the pros and cons on. You have to do this to be a success.

What was THE oldschool track that reminds you why you started this career?

Armand Van Helden and Duane Harden - 'You Don't Even Know Me'

If there was one DJ you could bring to Mambo in 2015 to play back to back with who would it be?

There are lots but I have to say that Caribou sounds like a great DJ for the venue at the moment. Very diverse with cool taste. The balearic style is historically eclectic and he seems to be that way inclined. I think he would be difficult to play back to back with as he keeps hopping genres!

What is your big track of the moment?

Nicole Moudaber's remix of Alcatraz 'Giv Me Luv' is really big and a fitting re-work.

What are your Ibiza 2015 predictions or rumours?

I hope we will continue to be a diverse and accepting community in Ibiza. I predict that the shift toward cool beach parties with reasonable entry and drinks prices will continue to gather strength. It's increasing competition and creating a better quality of party for everyone than ever before. 

I also predict my label Proof Recordings is going to rock it this year as I have some top releases coming up!

I don't get involved with rumours as I deal only with reality!

What is your favorite drink at Cafe Mambo?

Cuba Libre!

What set up do you use at mambo?

They have all you could want as a DJ. 4xCDJ2000 Nexus limited edition, 900 Nexus mixer or Allen and Heath if you prefer. Technics 1200's.

I aim to use the turntables more this summer as I have bought some great vinyl this winter. I'm well organised and at my best using USB's (previously CD's) though. I like to be changing tracks rapidly and offering the people as many great moments and nice surprises as possible when I play.

You have just recently signed with Circle Music and released your first tracks with them, can you tell us a bit about that?

The Circle release is my strongest work to date and it's great to be working with the German imprint that has featured artists like Steve Lawler and Martin Buttrich. 

I played the tracks a lot towards the end of the summer and the title track 'Stars' works a treat.


Cafe Mambo Peru

DATE. 2014-12-17

Café Mambo Ibiza would like to inform the public that there is no official franchise, lawful nor endorsed by this company that is currently operating or will operate in the near future in Lima – Peru.

Café Mambo Ibiza has a long established international reputation as a result of the dedication, effort and good practice of our staff that endeavour to meet the highest standards and quality of service our consumers deserve.

We feel the obligation to publicly clarify that there is NO link between Café Mambo Ibiza and the advertised premises in our name in Punta Rocas, Peru. The aforementioned business is in the process of committing multiple offences with the sole intention of financial gain through the unlawful appropriation of our brand. These actions mislead both the Peruvian and international consumer through dishonest activities.

Therefore we strongly and publicly dissociate with the establishment in Punta Rocas and any negligent or improper use of our name, in this particular case, those responsible for opening, promotion and advertising the establishment of Punta Rocas.


Desde Café Mambo Ibiza se quiere advertir al consumidor que no existe franquicia oficial, lícita, ni respaldada por la dirección de esta empresa, que opere o vaya a operar en un futuro inmediato en Lima-Perú. 

Café Mambo Ibiza goza de una reputación internacional consolidada fruto de la dedicación, esfuerzo y buen hacer de quienes lo conforman, personas honradas cuya inquietud principal es la de estar a la altura de sus clientes, cumpliendo con altos estándares de calidad en el servicio.

Por lo tanto nos vemos en la obligación de aclarar públicamente que NO existe ningún tipo de vinculación entre Café Mambo Ibiza y el establecimiento publicitado con nuestro nombre en Punta Rocas, en torno al cual se han estado sucediendo un conjunto de infracciones y acciones delictivas así como de mala práctica empresarial, entre ellas la apropiación indebida de nuestra marca, logo y reputación, con la finalidad de inducir a engaño al consumidor peruano e internacional y conseguir con ello un beneficio económico.

Es por esto que nos desvinculamos rotundamente de aquellos que ilícitamente y de mala fe hagan un uso negligente o inapropiado de nuestro nombre, en este caso en concreto, de los responsables de la apertura, promoción y publicidad del establecimiento de Punta Rocas.

Sin más, aprovechamos para desearles unas felices fiestas y animarles a que nos sigan en nuestra página web

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