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Café Mambo Releases a New Album - Sunset to After Dark - Cafe Mambo Ibiza

Café Mambo Releases a New Album - Sunset to After Dark DATE. 2017-08-24

Café Mambo Releases a New Album - Sunset to After Dark

Cafe Mambo - Sunset to After Dark


Ibiza’s Café Mambo needs little introduction, having served up thousands of sunsets to the great and good of Ibiza, after it first opened it’s doors in 1994. Once again they provide an expected crafted collection to take you from those unforgettable sunsets to the after dark hours of the famous island pre-parties.

On the first mix you will find Bonobo and Zero 7 nestled among the new and legendary Balearic producers such as Prins Emanuel, Bullion and Seahawks. It provides a sun drenched mix from scorching sunshine to the last sliver of sun dropping over the horizon.

The second mix is designed to take you into the night. As you watch the sun disappear let the sounds of Guy Gerber, Moby and Dusky power up to the long Ibiza night ahead.

Café Mambo has seen and been host to just about every DJ in the business, having been a central force in Ibiza night (and day) life for over twenty years. Starting as a sunset hang out it soon became a venue perfect for the island clubs pre-parties and has developed an iconic status worldwide. If there is one Ibiza essential summer soundtrack required this summer, this is it.

Pre-order yours here: TRACKLIST:


  1. Bonobo - Second Sun
  2. Zero 7- Last Light
  3. Nick & Samantha - On The Beach
  4. Tom Szirtes - Calling You
  5. Private Agenda - Sienna
  6. Kraak & Smaak - Stumble (Blue Motel Remix)
  7. Westerman - Roads (Bullion Remix)
  8. Seahawks - White Horses
  9. Prins Emanuel - Aquarius
  10.  The Project Club - Leaves of Millfield
  11.  Templehof & Gigi Masin - Blue 13 (Steve Cobby Remix)
  12.  Ambala - Bambari
  13.  Franky Selector - Windswept Sand Dune (Fred everything Space Re-dub)
  14.  HNNY - Solsidan
  15.  No Logo - Wireman (Robot 84 Remix)
  16.  Cubicolour - Machine Keys
  17.  Yes You - Change is Going to Come


  1. Penner & Muder - Aimless
  2. Mousse T & Lovebirds - Closer To You
  3. Black Loops - Mia Negreta
  4. Radiophobia - If You Ever Change Your Mind
  5. Theo Kottis - Future Eyes
  6. Moby - Natural Blues (Kidnap Kid Remix)
  7. Dusky - Cold Heart
  8. Guy Gerber & Deniz Kurtal - Here Comes The Rain
  9. Ninetoes - Bonita
  10.  Ole Biege & Martin Waslewski - Reilstreet
  11.  DYA - Do It
  12.  Zepherin Saint - One Sound
  13.  Daniel Bortz - Pictures (Tuff City Kids Remix)
  14.  Vhyce - Just To Make Me (Till Von Sein Remix)
  15.  Few Nolder - Chant
  16.  Amateur Dance - You Give Me Butterflies


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