Fiestas de San Bartolomé in San Antonio

DATE. 2014-08-24

Fiestas de San Bartolomé in San Antonio

Today is the Fiesta de San Bartolomé in San Antonio, a public holiday

Attributed to San Bartolomé it is also in honour of Sant Agnes. Dating back to the tenth century when The Moors conquered Ibiza, the arabs allowed the christians to practice their religion in in a place called Cova Santa a small place which is now better known for the after party scene. As the legend has it a ship guided it's way to the port of San Antonio through a rought sea storm. One of the passengers carried a talisman of Santa Agnes and vowed that if he survived the storm he would leave the figure at the place he was rescued. He then later passed the talisman to the priest of San Antonio and a chapel was made inside the holy cave to venerate Santa Agnes. As part of the celebrations today, the local people walk to the holy cave where solemn mass is held in honour of Santa Agnes. The celebratory mass and procession starts at 8pm near the fountains with Ibizenco folk dancing and live music. This all ends in a mass of fireworks being set off at 12pm.


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