Eric Prydz At Cafe Mambo

DATE. 2016-08-01

Eric Prydz At Cafe Mambo

Eric Prydz sets at Mambo are pretty special and as the crowds poured into the famous sunset venue, a sense of anticipation hung in the warm Balearic air as everybody was expecting a night to remember. Cafe Mambo is a place close to the Swedish DJ and producers heart and he often refers to it as his “home” in Ibiza. This was his last set of the 2016 season on the island and like all good artists, he saved us the best for last. It was a classic eric Prydz set, dropping many of his own productions under the Pryda name including M.S.B.O.Y, Mirage, Niton, Genesis and the recently released Rush which went down a bomb with an up for it crowd.  

He treated to us to many unreleased tracks all with crisp, reverberating base that was heavy hitting all night. The pace of his set was unrelenting and the first hour included tracks such as the DJ Yoko Remix of The Wrath Of Nia with big build ups including Mirage and Sinless by Marascia and Dusty Kid. The crowd were responding with cheers and hands in the air and as we headed into the last third of his 2 hour set.

The mood then lightened as Prydz mixed in Nina Simone's Feeling Good with the Steve Angello remix of Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics into Freak Out by the Supadelics. The intensity of Prydz´s set was full on throughout the night and only one track could finish it like Ronaldo and that track was Opus. When it was dropped the sunset strip went crazy and as Prydz bowed to his adorning fans crowded three deep around the DJ Booth, we had just witnessed another amazing Prydz set at Cafe Mambo, possibly his best to date.



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