Fatboy Slim Thrills Mambo

DATE. 2016-08-17

Fatboy Slim Thrills Mambo

One of the most influential producers of the electronic era, Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim has always had a special bond with Cafe Mambo. Like Mambo, Norman has done his own thing down through the decades, never a slave to an industry that he has enriched so much with his talent and energy. That boundless energy was very much present last night when Fatboy Slim entered the DJ booth bare footed and grounded to the Mambo floor. A huge crowd had turned up to pay homage to an artist and an entertainer of such considerable talent.

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It was very much a full on set from the start, with many of Norman's fans in the VIP area wearing “Make Ibiza Great Again” caps. Norman came out into the crowd for an impromptu rendition of Sinner Winner by Felix de Housecat which had everybody “getting down closer to the dancefloor” With the exception of Praise You at the very start of his two hour set, Fatboy did not venture into his back catalogue of tracks, preferring to keep the BPM upbeat for much of the night and dropping his new remix of a classic Ibiza tune Ninetoes by Finder.

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The intense energy from his set resonated with much of the crowd and when he departed the booth, we were left on a high with the sublime New Order track, Blue Monday, a fitting end to a memorable night. Norman then took time to meet his fans and take selfies including a few photobombs thrown in for good measure before driving off into the Ibiza night.


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