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How To Get Viagra Prescription in Eugene Oregon, Best place to buy Viagra no prescription in Akron Ohio

DATE. 2018-06-18

Mambo 2018 Is In Full Swing!

Summer Is In Full Swing!

So listen guys, good news. You don’t have to miserably count down the seconds anymore because SUMMER IS HERE and that means there’s no more justification for crying yourself to sleep. At least not on our account, it’s your business if you’re feeling tearful come midnight. But we digress, last week we officially welcomed the season with the long-awaited Café Mambo opening party (headlined by Claptone and our superstar residents, no less) and it was a bona fide blinder. And then this past Sunday, we had one helluva night courtesy of Sam Divine and boss man Simon Dunmore, who officially cut the ribbon on the first of many Defected at Eden pre-parties. Holler!

DSC 1992

What this means is that the funtimes are coming thick and fast and if you don’t jump aboard the merriment train now you’re perilously close to missing out. Don’t be that guy, because you’re not only letting yourself down, you’re letting us down.

Anyway, the pre-parties continue apace this week. In fact, we’ve got a whole spate of diamond talent to keep you ticking over for the next few days. Here’s a little rundown of what you can expect.

Thursdays at Pacha


Still the biggest party on Ibiza, and still drawing crowds like Kim Kong-Un at a basketball game, David Guetta’s F*** Me I’m Famous will seemingly never grow old. The Frenchman’s appeal is as long-lasting as blue cheese and that’s great news for us because it means we get to host the official pre-party every Thursday. Here to blow the top on summer 2018, we’ll have Robin Schulz, Kungs, Hugel, and a whole heap of other Mambo magic. Grab your dancing shoes and join us, this one’s bound to have sunset strip on lockdown.

Fridays at Pacha

DSC 3219

Labyrinth had an absolutely blinding first season at Pacha last summer and this year it’s back with a bang, not to mention a brand new dance floor and bucketfuls of talented DJs to join Hot Since 82 on the decks. This Friday 24 May, we’ll have the man himself warming us up for the pre-party, launching us into the weekend like a good fella should.

Saturdays at Pacha

DSC 3527

Saturdays at Mambo belong to Bob Sinclar, the man who’s smoother than chocolate spread. Why? Because he’s got more schmooze in his little finger than George Clooney, and that’s no mean feat. This summer, the he’s back with his Paris By Night pre-party at Mambo, where he’ll swoosh his hair and spin banging tunes simultaneously. What a guy. Joining him is Erik Hagleton and a crew of other talent, so set aside your sequins and get involved.

And that’s not all, folks. Because in the coming weeks we’ve got even more massive pre-parties to announce. Keep your eyes peeled, you’re in for a treat. Your soundtrack to summer starts here.


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