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How To Get Viagra Prescription in Las Vegas Nevada, Order Viagra no prescription in Pomona California

DATE. 2019-02-04

Welcome Casa Maca!

At Mambo, we're committed to delivering an experience that's true to Ibiza's bohemian spirit. That's precisely why our San Antonio sunset has become the most famous in the world - we like to think we're able to capture something; a unique vibe that is not felt anywhere else. It's with this mindset that we opened Casa Maca last summer. An ancient farm located in the hills overlooking Ibiza town, it's a magical spot that we're extremely proud to call ours - nowhere else on the island can boast views of Dalt Vila quite like this.

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And so we set out to make an extra special venue with that quintessential Mambo twist, and that's currently what we're in the process of building. There are 10 traditionally decorated, luxury rooms, a swimming pool with sweeping views of the stunning Ibiza sunrise and a restaurant that serves gourmet food throughout the day. The restaurant is open to guests and visitors alike, and we are especially keen for residents to come and experience the atmosphere for themselves.

49187735 278231706220597 787807739228192768 or

We have launched a stunning menu of the day that features three delicious courses for 18 € every Monday to Friday, and two overnight deals that allow guests to sample Casa Maca's classic Balearic charm. The first offer includes an overnight stay for two guests with breakfast included for just € 95 (available from Monday to Thursday), while the second amounts to the perfect romantic getaway for two people, with both dinner and breakfast included (€ 180, available on Fridays and Saturdays). Both offers are available until April 30, so for a chance to snap up some tranquil springtime serenity, get in touch.

50954278 287967091913725 745330628634869760 or

Do not forget to stop on Saturdays when we grill fresh cuts of meat and fish on our spectacular alfresco barbeque, and on Sundays, when we serve up a hearty, traditional roast dinner.

48360574 271250900252011 4530670462639800320 or


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C/ de Vara de Rey 3 07820 Sant Antoni, Ibiza

+34 971 34 66 38