Welcome To The Mambo Shop!

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Welcome To The Mambo Shop!

azithromycin medicine uses in hindi Despite being in the cold, dark throes of winter throughout most of Europe, memories of summertime still linger strong. Focus the mind and it’s likely that you can still recall the taste of hierbas on your tongue, hear the sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline, and picture the sun sinking beneath a luminous orange horizon. Moments lived in the height of the summer seem almost frozen in our minds, giving us the strength to make it through the days when we’re forced to throw on a hat, scarf, coat, gloves and long johns simply to brave it outside the front door.


That being said, sometimes memories just aren’t enough to pull you out of from the depths of the winter blues. On those occasions, what’s required is something tangible — something that you can hold, touch and feel, a reminder of the summer that’s just been and all the good times that came along with it. Fortunately then, we’ve just launched the very first online Mambo shop, which is packed full of goodies designed to remind you that summer is never far away. And that while you’re waiting for it to swing back around, you can still have a little slice of Mambo in your life.


There’s a selection of t-shirts, jackets and vests available for both men and women, some bearing the instantly recognisable Mambo logo, others celebrating this year’s momentous 25th anniversary. There’s an entire section for kids, featuring babygros, t-shirts and jumpers, not to mention a sackful of accessories like tote bags, keyrings, lighters, flip flops, fans (for when the sun returns), mugs, and shot glasses, so you can relive the summer glory in your living room till you make it back to the white isle. All of these make the perfect stocking fillers, of course, and for any orders above 50€, free shipping is on offer.


Stock up on memorabilia now and you’re investing in a little slice of Mambo history. Plus summer will feel like it’s coming just that little bit sooner… plus enjoy free shipping on orders over 50€!



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